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That Old Mouse Magic

Mar 25, 2021

Join Jim and today's guests Colton Ward and Kacee and Kevin Neff to hear their escapades as winners of the Mickey's Concierge Road Rally! Their competitive spirits and wealth of Disney knowledge led them to victory against a field of worthy challengers. And Kevin also surprises us with some special Disney trivia...

Mar 18, 2021

Join Jim and today's guest Kyle Hess for a glimpse at yet another way of becoming a cast member: Disney's Professional Internship Program! With beginnings in technical show support at EPCOT, it wasn't long before Kyle was playing with fire...then inspiring young minds as a teacher in the Youth Education Series (YES)!...

Mar 11, 2021

Join Jim and today's guest, Juston LeBaron, for a gastronomic celebration of Disney cuisine! From appetizers to desserts and a LOT of hearty fare in between, we bask in the memories of one sensational dining experience after another. And we've got recommendations galore! One word of advice: have something edible nearby...

Mar 4, 2021

Join Jim and today's guest Walt Disney World cast member Kiershta Snarr. She's a Guest Relations expert at EPCOT with enough fascinating inside information to fill Spaceship Earth! We'll be stopping at every pavilion in Future World and World Showcase so put on your virtual walking shoes and let's go!